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Press Releases

>May 9, 2013. Dalai Lama to Speak at Environmental Summit in Portland May 9 ­ 11, 2013. Maitripa College is hosting His Holiness in public events at the University of Portland Chiles Center and the Veterans Memorial Coliseum (PDF Format)

>April 16, 2013. Maitripa College and Red Hot Chili Peppers JOINT PRESS RELEASE: Red Hot Chili Peppers Performance to Conclude Dalai Lama Environmental Summit, May 9-11, 2013 (PDF format)

>February 20, 2013. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Tickets Press Release (PDF format)

For a wide selection of quotes by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Environment, please visit the Resource page of this website (click here).

“It is a true privilege for Portlanders to host His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a spiritual leader who unites people around the world. This summit offers a rare and wondrous opportunity to discuss the importance of protecting the global environment, the dangers posed by climate change, and the vital role of ensuring clean water and sanitation. Treating people and the planet with respect should be a universal responsibility and the visit of His Holiness is an excellent occasion to highlight that shared promise.”  —Congressman Earl Blumenauer

“As we face the environmental issues before us, solutions will come through awareness and individual responsibility. The purpose of this event is not to focus on all that is wrong, but to inspire ourselves and future generations to act in a positive way for the environment. Individual responsibility arises from individual inspiration, formed and catalyzed by spirituality, philosophy, and policy. Therefore, this summit is designed as a platform for these three areas, all driving forces of action on this planet.”  —Yangsi Rinpoche, Maitripa College President