Dalai Lama Environmental Summit Guidelines May 2013

Because the purpose of the Dalai Lama Environmental Summit is to promote awareness and individual responsibility regarding both the external and internal environment, we, the event hosts, strive to follow these principles whenever possible:

  1. Reduce negative environmental impact caused by hosting the Environmental Summit – reduce waste, save energy, use non-toxic cleaning supplies, recycle and compost food waste
  2. Support local economy and society through the event’s purchases and goals – use local vendors for production, decor, merchandise
  3. Promote green actions by effectively communicating green aspects of the Environmental Summit – share green efforts via social media channels, during the event via emcee announcements and information booths
  4. Prioritize the success of actions in accordance with green principles to determine which actions to take
  5. Encourage participants to continue green practices beyond the Environmental Summit via Green Action Day activities

Alongside these external principles, we aim to foster the development of the inner environment and to:

  1. Strive to maintain inner peace and harmony throughout the planning and execution of the event
  2. Foster a spirit of community
  3. Maintain vigilant awareness of the larger goals of the event and align all related activities accordingly
  4. Create clear, respectful, open communications between all involved parties – venues, vendors, sponsors, special guests, speakers, and attendees – in contracts, emails, public relations and during the actual event
  5. Generate a sense of joy that remembers the larger goals even when overcoming challenges

By keeping the principles above in mind, we hope to have a positive impact on our community in Portland, Oregon, and beyond as a result of hosting the Dalai Lama Environmental Summit 2013.